Casa Feliz Engagement Session

The Story

Casa Feliz Engagement session

McKenna & Spencer

The allure of Casa Feliz and the surround areas of Winter Park, Florida set the stage for McKenna and Spencer’s engagement session

Hey there, lovely readers! I’m thrilled to share the heartwarming tale of McKenna and Spencer’s engagement session in the charming embrace of Casa Feliz and the scenic areas of Winter Park, Florida. As someone who specializes in wedding and engagement photography across Orlando, Central Florida, and beyond, this story truly warms my heart.

Casa Feliz: Love’s Historical Haven
Imagine a place where history and love intertwine – that’s Casa Feliz for you. It was here that I had the joy of capturing McKenna and Spencer’s enchanting moments. The old-world charm of Casa Feliz enhanced their connection, making every snapshot a piece of their unique journey.

Winter Park’s Serene Beauty
Nestled in Central Florida, Winter Park boasts serene streets and picturesque lakes that set the stage for McKenna and Spencer’s love to shine. Our journey led us through these enchanting surroundings, where the couple’s affectionate glances and sweet gestures created a magical atmosphere. Their love blossomed amidst the tranquility of Winter Park’s landscapes, and I was there to capture every heartfelt moment.

Specializing in Love Stories
My photography business specializes in capturing the essence of love stories, whether they’re based in Winter Park, Orlando, Central Florida, or even across the world. From candid engagement sessions to magical wedding moments, my lens is dedicated to preserving the emotions and connections that make each story unique. McKenna and Spencer’s engagement session perfectly exemplifies the kind of love-filled memories I’m passionate about capturing

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