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Chris & Nate’s Siesta Key Beach Elopement

December 28th, it’s Chris and Nate’s big day! It’s also the holiday season in Florida. The weather is not quite so perfect this fine morning. We have been getting a lot of rain this winter but still warm. I knew that the drive from Orlando to Siesta Key would be bad so I left extra early to give myself plenty of time. I made it there before everyone to find the beach full of thousands of people, not exaggerating. Nate’s first reaction was, “In my mind the beach is empty.” Well, Siesta Key Beach is the #1 Beach in the world or something like that. I told them not to worry, I can manage to capture their special day as if there are barley anyone here.

Nate got hitched in front of their loving families at sunset. The ceremony was quick and sweet. Despite the sun bathing snowbirds, we had an absolutely beautiful wedding. The day turned out perfect with the most vibrant sunset. Congratulations Chris & Nate!