Hannibal Square & Rollins College Engagement

I love going on adventures with my couples. I don’t mind traveling long distance because I know I will get a great story and photos. However, a great adventure doesn’t have to be far. One of my favorite places is Rollins College. As a matter of fact, it is the oldest college in Florida. It is always well kept and manicured. It is so popular, many photographers take their clients there. I don’t mind sharing this location. We all need to play nice.

After several connections over email, Lindsey and Steven picked Rollins College to go on an adventure with me. I wanted to change it up a bit so I suggested on starting the day off at Hannibal Square in Winter Park. It is about five minutes drive from Rollins College. They brought some great props. Bright red balloons and a silver skull were my two favorites.

How They Met

I believe in fate and destiny, soulmates and true love.

These two soulmates, Lindsey and Steven, met a Halloween party through a mutual friend, however the real connection didn’t start until a few weeks later through a game of Uno at a friend’s apartment. They officially became a couple on December 2, 2011. Before Steven pop the question, the two shared 6 yers of adventures together. they attended UCF and made lifelong friends along the way. They love to travel and host parties, especially Halloween. Steven popped the question during a Winter Wonderland Christmas party in front of friends on December 15, 2017.

I am so honored that these two found me. When Lindsey mentioned skulls and Halloween, I knew fate has brought them to me considering I was born on El Dia De Los Muertos. I love everything Halloween and skulls. I’m so glad we spent a few hours getting to know each other. Somehow my one and half hours session turns into three hours every time. Three hours might seem long but not when we are having fun! I can’t wait for their Big Day!