Fun Facts About Me…
I am…
A butterflies loving
Sci-Fi geeking
Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) slurping
Gourmet cooking
Dogs loving
Camera gear collecting
Tech addict
Shoes fanatic
Young at heart
…kind of gal.

I am not only a wife but a partner to my husband.


Who really cares?!?! But those that do…

I am an impressionist painter which makes me a fan of Vincent Van Gogh. If I can take the calories out of any food it would be ice cream, especially chocolate with peanut butter cups.

I am a personal “chef” to my husband whom I am crazy in love with. Mexican food is his favorite. An Asian cooking Mexican food?? Hmmm….I do love cumin and coriander. He tells me I’m the best. After all these years I still get excited when I see his name on my phone when it rings. Most of the time when we are apart we spend sending emojis to each other all day…fun…I haven’t caught on to all his sports but thanks to me he is well educated in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, well, you get the picture. If Star Trek was real, I would live on a starship and photograph the universe. Star Trek is way off in the future and a great fantasy, for now I must stay down to earth.

I was born in Cambodia but made Orlando, Florida my home. I stayed for the two loves of my life…my husband and photography. For the last decade I have enjoyed photographing many beautiful weddings in the Central Florida area. Capturing precious moments in life is what I love. I see what you feel, your genuine emotions, through my lens and it is my passion to capture those tender moments to preserve them forever.

My goal is to provide an intimate and personalized coverage of your very special day. It is not just photographing a series of random photos of the day but capturing your ultimate love story.