Bok Tower Engagement

Congratulations to Lizzie and Joey on 10 years together. They are finally having a wedding!

Lizzie and Joey found me at a wedding I photographed last year. They connected with me several months after the wedding. I’m located in Orlando and they are in Lakeland. Due to the distance between us, I thought Bok Tower Gardens was the perfect place for our adventure session. Historic Bok Tower Gardens is in full bloom with azaleas, camellias and flowering trees this time of year. This place is more beautiful with every visit.

Lizzie, Joey and I made a connection right away. Apparently, Joey visited Bok Tower Gardens as a child with his family. As we made our way to the gardens, I noticed the are wearing weddings. Intrigued, I continued to ask about their story.

How They Met

Lizzie and Joey met in 2005 at their sisters’ Girl Scout meetings. Their love didn’t blossom at the time. The sisters stopped going meetings. Eventually, the lost touch.

In any case, let’s fast forward a few years to 2009. Lizzie and Joey reconnected at a mutual friend’s birthday party. They didn’t recognize each other at first but Joey made his move. Lizzie played hard-to-get but Joey won her heart. After a few coffee and dinner dates, Lizzie took Joey to meet her parents. Although many years have past, Lizzie’s mom recognized Joey right away from the the Girl Scout days.

As their love blossom over the next several years, this power couple focused on school and careers. However, it wasn’t all about work. In 2013, with the blessing of Lizzie’s parents, Joey popped the question. He proposed onstage at Sig Delt’s philanthropy event. Lizzie was completely surprised.

While their love grows stronger, these two love birds are not only devoted to each other but to their careers. They put off having a wedding. In 2018, they signed the papers and were married. This April 19, 2019, one week before their wedding, will be their 10 year anniversary together.

In the end, I believe our Bok Tower Gardens session was an adventurous one. We had so much fun we ended up spending 3 hours just getting to know each other. I look forward to their Big Day on April 27, 2019. I can’t wait.